The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affected us all, and we acclimatized. Emerging habits accelerated and solidified, and how we now behave, spend and consume will never be the same again: The crisis has become the catalyst of change and initiated developments that are no longer reversible.

The transparency throughout the value-adding network is gaining ongoing importance:

From the ecological and social conditions in raw-material production to the number of substances and the type of processing steps, the distance of transport and the sustainability of packing materials to the health impact on the end-user and the successful closing of loops. There is a change in consciousness and the perception of ourselves as part of the eco-system. Because like the world around us, we human beings are an eco-system, too. The Inside therefore takes on importance.

This fits in with the first trend, which we want to present in more detail in this trend report: The Trend "GUT GLORY".

The microbiome has the potential to be a game changer in personal whole-health management. True to the motto: "If it’s good for the gut, it’s helping the whole."

Speaking of the whole, the spotlight on sustainability in the food and beverage industry is becoming more and more pronounced. In „SHARED PLANET", Innova Market Insights’ leading Top Ten Trend for 2022, health of the planet is highlighted as a top concern for consumers, and even goes beyond the health of the population.

In Trend No. 3 presented here, we once again dedicate ourselves to the topic "PLANT-BASED". We see significant further developments here. The trend has refocused from mimicking to optimizing options that stand on their own RND merits. A desire for diet variation is increasing interest in innovative quality plant-based alternatives.

And last not least in the trend "BACK TO THE ROOTS" it literally is about turning back to the origins for the consumer. We observe a strong interest in local produce, attractive for both environmental and economic reasons. More consumers are interested in supporting their local economy, from frequenting nearby suppliers to becoming stakeholders in community interests. Whether acting on nostalgic feelings, seeking natural ingredients or sticking to the familiar, lesser-traveled produce brings to mind authenticity and freshness and thus a feel-good factor.

All of these above mentioned trends culminate in this last Flavor & Function-Trend "MUSHROOMS ON THE RISE", who deals with this special ingredient. Mushrooms are packed with nutrients, adaptogens, and have an extremely low environment impact. In addition specific medicinal mushrooms are an excellent source of the increasingly popular subset of herbs and plants known as adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances found in nature that are said to help the body counteract the effects of stress, potentially helping to improve immune function, address mood disorders such as anxiety, and even extend physical endurance. All of this is increasingly being sought after in these hard pandemic times at present.

The Innova platform for market research has analysed the markets of more than 70 countries for our customers from the food industry, retail and butchery trade. Interesting new product developments, food trends and innovations have been identified. We have summarized a part of the results in the RAPS trend report 2022. Use the opportunity to recognize changes of the food market at an early stage and expand and develop your product range accordingly.

RAPS is constantly monitoring all these trend topics and offers appropriate product solutions. We are pleased to answer all your questions and provide further information.

Gut Glory

If it's good for the gut, it's helping the whole

Consumers are starting to understand the link between their gut and overall mental and physical wellbeing. Connecting ingredients that boost the gut microbiome with those that target other areas offers holistic solutions to multifaceted concerns 'Gut health is key to achieving holistic wellbeing'.


Shared Planet

Health of the Planet is on top of the priority-list of consumers

The responsibility of each actor – consumer, producers and governmental organizations – are becoming more visible. In 'Shared Planet', health of the planet is highlighted as a top concern for consumers, and even goes beyond the health of the population. Key for everyone to do their part is to develop a clear, tangible and trustworthy communication strategy. Trust and transparency are the key to help consumers making responsible decisions. Ethnical claims refer to claims related to environmental welfare, animal welfare and human welfare.


Plant Based

The canvas for innovation

Health and sustainability have become more intertwined. The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of protecting the planet to ensure public health and wellbeing. The 'Plant-based'-Trend has evolved over the years. A desire for diet variation is increasing interest in plant-based beyond the traditional vegan and vegetarian sectors, and from convenience foods to gastronomy, people are looking for quality alternatives to meat, fish and dairy. The sector is now more than an alternative, it is the canvas for innovation.


Back to the roots

Local & fresh

Increased awareness of the importance of managing climate change combined with greater engagement with social issues, driven by the pandemic, is impacting consumer choices to a greater focus on community and locally produced goods. 1 in 3 consumers globally have shopped locally more. Freshness and naturalness thereby are an essential factor in assessing the quality and taste of the food.


Mushrooms on the rise

Healthy, sustainable and trendy

It used to be that the only time we really saw mushrooms was when a few white button mushrooms appeared on a garden salad or atop a cheese pizza. Now, mushrooms are popping up everywhere from our plates to our coffee cups, with everyone from sustainability experts to wellness gurus hyping up the powerful properties contained within the mushroom kingdom. Mushrooms are often considered a vegetable, but the truth is that they are actually considered a fungus. But don't put mushrooms in the same camp as mold and write them off as unsanitary—the truth is, the DNA of mushrooms has actually been found to have more in common with animals than plants. Intrigued yet? Mushrooms are truly magical. Mushrooms have the potential to heal our health, our planet, and our minds. They are very much in vogue and in the meantime omnipresent.