Remarkable diversity and sophistication


Leberwurst, or liver sausage, is treated as a simple country snack here in Germany. In France and Belgium, pâté – which is in fact a variation of liver sausage – is considered a fine delicacy, and has been since the Renaissance.

Germany’s leberwurst has become extraordinarily diverse over the centuries – from coarse to fine, and with variations from region to region, from the Pfalz to Holstein. But it’s worth thinking outside the box and reinterpreting leberwurst: with fresh ideas for refining it, as a flavouring ingredient and in the form of serving suggestions.


Unusual combinations can elevate the humble liver sausage to a completely new level of flavour. One especially interesting counterpoint to the hearty taste of leberwurst is the sweet-and-sour taste of chutney made of fruits such as apricots and figs, or pear and Williamsgeist used to refine it. Many other creative recipe ideas involving leberwurst can be found in our recipe database.


Progress with RAPS

With its passion for special products, RAPS develops the right range for each new trend. We always supply our customers with fresh new ideas and interesting suggestions about how to re-stage familiar things – for more diversity at your counter.


A look at the world of French and Belgian gourmet pâtés shows how you can use simple means to turn trusty old leberwurst into something exciting and creative. You can use RAPS products to create some delightful delicacies in just a few moves.