The year 2020 was 'historic'. Not only for Germany, but also for the whole world. The Corona-Pandemic fell upon us all like a natural disaster. These experiences in 2020 will fundamentally change the way we live in the years to come. The way we work, shop, eat, seek medical advice, socialize, participate in sport, and entertain ourselves is changing. Hence, Economies and businesses will be run in a different manner, people will also interact and consume in new ways. There Will be no going back to the times before Corona. Values are shifting.

Pandemic-shocked consumers are seeking a return to what is essential. The home will be central to people's lives as a workplace, a more frugal space to entertain during a recession or simply to avoid any ongoing threat of COVID-19.

The pandemic has made consumers recognize that wellbeing is a vital concern and hence 'HEALTH & MOOD'is about to become a trend to be seen for a long Time to come. Similarly topics such as safety, reliability, security and comfort. The trends 'IN TUNE WITH IMMUNE' as well as 'MODERN NOSTALGIA' are emerging as a result of these needs.

The trend 'TRUE AUTHENTICITY' is also becoming increasingly important. The search for authenticity generates greater freedom of expression. In every respect and of course in particular in 'Corona-times'! It is not only Generation Z that feels the need for self-expresssion. 

More and more consumers tailor their life and products to individual style, beliefs and needs e.g. Lifestyle-specific personalized nutrition services are gaining traction. Also of great interest is out last trend 'UNLIMITED & PERSONALIZED' which we like to focus on in particular in this trend report. 

The Innova platform for market research has analysed the markets in more than 70 countries for our customers, in the food industry, retail and butchery trade. Interesting new product developments, food trends and innovations have been identified. We have summarized a part of the results in the RAPS trend report 2020. Use the opportunity to recognize changes in the food market at an early stage and expand and develop your product range accordingly. 

RAPS is constantly monitoring all these trend topics and offers appropriate product solutions. We are pleased to answer all your questions and provide further information.


Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Food and beverage provide mental and emotional wellbeing solutions to help people celebrate the good and cope with the bad moments of life.
Mental health is more important than ever, with 44 % of consumers saying they have taken specific steps to improve their mental and emotional well-being. Adaptogens are now promoted as having benefits to reduce stress and improve mental well-being. Brands can establish lasting emotional connections through sensory elements beyond taste such as colour, texture and aroma. Multisensory products will be used to help people relax, enjoy a sense of adventure and connect with other people via shared experiences on social media.



Beneficial ingredients with health-promoting properties

Consumers will make immune health a priority. Innova research found 60 % of global consumers are increasingly looking for food and beverages that support their immune health. 45 % said COVID-19 led them to spend time educating themselves on ingredients and other things that can help boost their immunity. Nearly one-third of US consumers said their concern about immune health increased in 2020 compared to 2019. To attract these consumers, numerous brands have launched or restaged products containing vitamin D, zinc, elderberry and other immune-boosting ingredients. Interest in plant-based food supplements as well as botanical ingredients is growing with which the immune system can be strengthened in a natural way.



Exotic and still familiar

MODERN NOSTALGIA is about global trends that get a local makeover or about something that makes the consumer feel safe and secure but is also modernized. It means tapping into the value of sentimentality to provide exhausted, troubled consumers with emotional escapism.
Recognizable brands and food trends from the 90s have made a return in recent years, releasing products targeting Millennials who remember these brands' original heyday. This dose of nostalgia is especially comforting for Millennials stressed about the difficulties of navigating adulthood, but also helping in times of COVID-19. Although the pandemic impacts every generation, the Millennials are in a particularly stressful position as they have already experienced volatility up until this point and were meant to be in the midst of their peak earning years. As a result, members of this generation are seeking small doses of joy and emotional safety wherever possible. Food brands leveraging nostalgia grant a new meaning to the phrase 'comfort eating' for this generation.



Trustful glocal

Attitude is changing with experience. These attitude changes in our society become particularly evident, when you take a closer look at the so called Generation Z. In certain ways it can be considered as pioneer of a new social consciousness and their behaviour and attitudes allow us to guess in which direction society is heading in the future.
When defining their priorities, there is a striking difference between the youngsters of today and those of their previous generations. The quest for truth is, according to a McKinsey & Company study, an important driving force for the behaviour of this generation. Honesty, truthfulness, openness, sincerity, candour, frankness, veracity, trustworthiness, reliance, forthrightness, candidness, genuineness and authenticity are more than buzzwords for them. This all finds expression not only in a stronger environmental awareness and a (more) honest dealing with the sustainability-topic but across all aspects of life. The search for authenticity generates greater freedom of expression and more openness towards other people and cultures. This all indicates that the trend 'TRUE AUTHENTICITY' associated with greater multicultural diversity and concurrently at the same time genuine authenticity will endure in the long run.
In the food domain this is well described by the adjective 'glocal', which at the same time puts local and global aspects side by side equally. The term 'glocal food' can be described as: 'Think globally in terms of foreign food and act locally with respect to maximum authenticity of the determined geographical & cultural region.'



Tailored to fit

Food and beverage have become a safe outlet for escapism during COVID-19. Products and services will help people revive their pre-pandemic lifestyles and interests such as travelling, dining out and attending sporting events. In addition, consumers can be encouraged to use food and beverage to express their moods, opinions or passions.
Food, drinks and foodservice brands will launch more interactive products and recipes that encourage the use of food and beverage as creative outlets. Innova research found 64 % of global consumers tailor their life and products to individual style, beliefs, and needs. Personalized nutrition is in the spotlight as consumers look for food and beverage options that fit their unique lifestyles. Consumers expect a tailored approach to eating, with technological breakthroughs, constant new launches and exciting sensorial experiences providing the opportunity for customized lifestyles to extend to food and beverage consumption.