The topic snacking remains a major part of the trend studies. In 2020, health-conscious nutrition is more important to the customers than ever before. The demand for healthy, natural products free from additives and preservatives, is increasing continuously. At the same time, culinary pleasure and functionality are equally important. Customers are looking for something special. Texture, flavour, nutritional score and convenience are equally important to the discerning consumers.


The Innova platform for market research has analysed the markets of more than 70 countries for our customers from the food industry, retail and butchery trade. Interesting new product developments, food trends and innovations have been identified. We have summarized a part of the results in the RAPS trend report 2020. Use the opportunity to recognize changes of the food market at an early stage and expand and develop your product range accordingly.


RAPS is constantly monitoring all these trend topics and offers appropriate product solutions. We are pleased to answer all your questions and provide further information.


The plant-based revolution

Plant-based product with advantages

The increasing popularity of the vegan lifestyle and protection of the environment and animals are the reasons for developing new plant-based products. Two trends – vegan and plant-based – increase the demand for alternative protein sources. The claim 'plant- based' is a topical one and reflects the desire for a proactive vegetable-based 'green nutrition'. At the same time, the products must be clean label! Nowadays, vegetable proteins are used as a sensible alternative to animal proteins, ensuring the functionality of the ingredients. Consumers of vegetarian food consider health, environment, sustainability and ethical issues when they refrain from consuming animal food products, but they do not necessarily demand a completely plant-based nutrition. Therefore, it is not surprizing that products marketed as 'plant-based' are more popular than products with 'vegan' or 'vegetarian' claims.


Mixing, Blending, Crossing

Hybrid products are gaining ground

Adventurous consumers are susceptible to hybrid products in which different food types are combined, ingredients mixed and flavour profiles crossed. Amidst the times of climate change and animal protection, this trend is gaining additional ground. Although vegetable proteins are regarded as more environmentally friendly, the consumers are especially interested in products consisting of plant AND animal proteins since soya and most vegetable proteins are insufficient protein sources. Hybrid products consist of animal and vegetable proteins in order to ensure the assimilation of all essential amino acids and to reduce the content of animal proteins for flexitarians. Accordingly, the consumers prefer a balanced consumption of animal and vegetable food products and not, as in the past, an either predominantly animal or vegetable nutrition.


Additional culinary pleasure

Chunky, crunchy and surprisingly different

The texture of food products is becoming more and more important to the consumers since it imparts an additional sensory delight. 73% of those questioned for the consumer study of Innova Market indicated that the texture contributes to an interesting food or beverage. Generally speaking: the eating experience is paramount. The consumers want culinary pleasure. They prefer food products with surprising textures, intensive new flavours or special flavour inclusions, which are healthy and 100 % natural at the same time. Cleanness regarding additives and preservatives, allergens and a well-balanced flavour profile are preconditioned but a certain crunch, intensive and harmonious flavour are also expected.


Functional flavour

Expansion of botanicals

Spices, flowers, plants, seeds, herbs or other vegetable ingredients are used in many new product developments to provide flavour, colour and texture. Especially the clean label trend supports the development of food products with botanicals. Their natural and healthy features are growing in popularity especially for innovators who intend to market the topics health and well-being. Vegetable flavourings offer effective solutions to meet the health requirements of the consumers and to fulfil the technological requirements of the industry. Most importantly, they provide excellent flavour and are therefore essential for flavour innovations with comprehensive health aspects. For these reasons, plants such as ginger (with a growth rate of +10.9 % CAGR 2014 – 2018) and turmeric (with + 11.2%) experience a renaissance in all business areas.


Homely convenience

Snacking - Growing convenience orientation

The demand of the consumers for snacks has reached a peak. To most consumers snacking is a part of daily life. However, people are beginning to think differently about snacking and the types of snacks. No matter whether bite-sized, healthy and most of all sustainable on-the-go solutions are concerned, or the prepared dish from the butchery shop for convenient consumption at home – snacking stands for convenient eating. The design and the packaging of the product is as important as easy preparation, storage and waste disposal. Especially nuclear families and singles are the reasons for this trend. Convenience consumers are eager to try unusual flavours and spices. However, they also like to eat typical mainstream products of high quality at home.