The current profound change in consumer behaviour has continued on into 2018. Themes like healthy eating, sustainability and ethics are increasingly dominating the food market. We have taken another close look at the latest developments in the industry.


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Mindful Choices

Conscious choices for body and soul

The top trend in the food industry for 2018 is that shoppers want to make conscious decisions for or against different foods, and are demanding detailed product information to help them do so. And the requirements are diverse: not only should food and drink be healthy, it also has to be sustainable and should take ethical considerations into account. Ethical demands are increasing in every area of the food and drinks industry. Products launched in Germany with ethical statements have proliferated quickly, as they have in other parts of the world. The industry will continue to respond – more than ever before.


From Snacks to Mini Meals

Small portions growing in popularity

Consumers’ daily lives are becoming busier and their eating habits are having to keep pace. Mealtimes and eating opportunities are becoming rarer, forcing consumers to look for quick, convenient but healthy solutions. This means snacks are getting more and more opportunities to become mini-meals – but they still have to be wholesome, satisfying and nutritious. Meat snacks are now especially well positioned to generate rising sales: versatile, protein-rich and satisfying, they are a prime example of the mini-meal. Packed in handy single portions, meat can provide a satisfying bite on the move.


Beyond the Coffeehouse

Coffee and tea flavourings are gaining traction

The industry is increasingly utilising coffee and tea as flavourings, with the flavour and wellknown associations of the former and the healthy image of the latter. What is interesting is the extent to which applications are growing for numerous products outside the beverages category. Products launched with coffee and / or tea flavourings are gaining ground in the baked goods, confectionery and dairy products areas in particular. There has been positive annual growth in all these categories, which allows us to expect more new products to follow the trend. Coffee flavouring is even on the increase in meat – such as in Singapore, where ribs seasoned with coffee are already available.


Say it with colour

Time to get colourful …

More and more products are being launched in the foods and drinks sectors with colourful and black highlights to grab consumers’ attention. For many young consumers, a product has to be made ‘Instagram-compatible’ by things like stand-out colours. In Western countries, one in 10 consumers are influenced by social media when buying food. Natural colours are especially popular. Active colouring ingredients such as algae, goji berries and turmeric are also contributing to new taste profiles and they have health benefits as well.


Curry is in the spotlight for 2018

Exotic flavouring on the up

Curry is one of the flavours that has scored highest in recent years. The growth of new products with curry flavouring has grown by 23.2% between 2012 and 2017 and we can expect more such product launches in 2018. In 2017, the number of new products launched with curry flavouring in the European Union even exceeded that of Asia – which means Europe has become the biggest selling market for new curry products. All major product categories have shown positive average annual growth for curry. This signifies a broad potential for every market application containing this dynamic flavouring – way beyond cooking sauces alone.