No autumn without mushrooms and game – refined with products from RAPS

The falling temperatures in autumn increase the appetite for hearty dishes with aromatic spices and creamy sauces. Autumn is also high season for mushroom delicacies which can add value to your product range.

Our seasoning for marinating MARINOX HUBERTUS adds a full-bodied mushroom flavour to every dish, no matter whether beef, pork, lamb or poultry is used. The popular classic marinade with finest ingredients imparts a natural flavour and delights fans of traditional dishes as well as younger generations.


The hunting season is opened

The hunting season is opened

In autumn, mushrooms and also game dishes are an essential part of every menu. It is hunting season and the regional game specialties become very popular. The tender meat delights gourmets and offers various approaches for a sneaky preparation. Again, RAPS provides the perfect flavour. Prepare delicious autumn dishes for your customers, before the season is already over!


Marinox Hubertus

ART. 1000666

This seasoning for marinating imparts a natural forest mushroom flavor, rounded-off with onions, pepper, marjoram and thyme and is suitable especially for ragouts, roasts, and pork, beef and lamb specialties.


Marinox Gourmet Saffron

ART. 1000550

Seasoning for marinating meat and poultry dishes with leek, pepper, onions, saffron, and morel mushroom pieces.


Maripur Game

ART. 1000462

Seasoning for marinating game, venison ragout and all classic game specialties. Also suitable as a thickened sauce for cooking. Blended to perfection with allspice, juniper berry extract, bay leaf, pepper, rosemary and thyme.


Progress with RAPS

The versatile MARINOX products have been a part of RAPS‘ range for more than 30 years. The all-round marinades add value to stir fry, ragouts, fillings, pasta dishes, salads and even fish.


Naturally, the products are constantly optimized and adapted to current market requirements. Try it yourself! There are many tasty recipe ideas in our recipe database.