Scandinavian cuisine is on the pulse of the times


Scandinavian cuisine is the mega trend for years. Most probably it all started with the “Noma” restaurant in Copenhagen which was awarded “best restaurant of the world” several times. With its fancy dishes, this restaurant conquered the hearts of many gourmets. But also the simple cuisine of the north is inspiring such as the latest Scandinavian trend “smorging”. The word derives from the Swedish word “smörgasbord” which stands for a rich, opulent buffet. Thus a normal snack becomes an extraordinary experience. Scandinavia has so much more to offer than just the popular meat balls with cranberry jam.


Quality before quantity

A further reason to look northwards. Scandinavian cuisine prefers natural products as well as regional and seasonal ones. Prepared with little fat but flavour-intensive, Scandinavian cuisine offers excellent ideas with seasonal vegetables, game and fish.


Our Nordic recipe ideas “Roast beef with blueberry sauce, Janson’s Temptation & green beans with bacon” or “Salmon steak on pea purée with small potato dumplings” can be found in our recipe database. RAPS always has perfect Scandinavian recipes ideas such as these and many others and provides seasonings and sauces for many applications.

Sauce for Roast Beef

ART. 1039830

Instantly-soluble sauce with beef, paprika and bay leaf flavour and a special cold-swelling binder.


Steakpepper Ontario

ART. 1694270

Coarse seasoning for all types of steaks. With coarse sea salt, brown sugar, black and green pepper, thyme and a hint of vanilla.



With its naturalness and regional and seasonal food products, the Scandinavian cuisine pleases the palates of gourmets all around the world. RAPS offers fresh and creative recipe ideas and products, inspired by the Nordic food scene.


Discover the variety of RAPS’ seasonings and tasty sauces as a perfect combination with your own Scandinavian menu.