The desire for fish recipes is growing – citrus notes add Mediterranean flair.


Maritime Indulgence From Anchovy To Zander

Maritime Indulgence From Anchovy To Zander

With the increasing nutritional awareness of consumers, the demand for light fare is also growing, and fish is therefore no longer reserved for Fridays by any means. Particularly popular among Germans are salmon, Alaska pollack, herring, tuna and trout. However, with over 700 edible species, there are no limits to the imagination. Rich in vitamin D, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids, fish is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients. It lowers cholesterol levels, protects against heart disease and even improves brain performance and eyesight. Whether grilled, baked, steamed or fried – the varied RAPS seasoning mixes with typically Mediterranean fruity-fresh notes refine any fish dish and ensure authentic enjoyment, just like being by the ocean.


Sea Salt and Herb Fish Seasoning

ART. 1062021

A coarse seasoning mix that can be sprinkled; flavoursome with sea salt, parsley, rosemary and an intense note of lemon.


Lemon Pepper

ART. 1037056

Seasoning for fish and meat with coarse salt, white and black pepper and a fine lemony note.


Magic Rosemary Sea Salt

ART. 1693796

Seasoning marinade for fish, meat and potatoes with pepper, rosemary, sea salt and thyme.


Progress with RAPS

The demand for fish is increasing in Germany. Fish often means a greater product investment, but studies show that consumer willingness to pay more for good food is also growing. Some food experts even suggest that the future of nutrition is to be found underwater.


At RAPS, we always try to take the latest trends into account in our product development, so that you can excite your customers again and again. Discover the variety of RAPS seasoning mixes and marinades that add the perfect finishing touch to fish dishes.