Authentically Asian with fresh ingredients and exciting spices.


Tantalising flavour combinations, exotic touches of fruit, fiery spices: everything special about Asian cuisine is more popular than ever before. Rich in vegetables and cooked gently on the wok, Far-Eastern food is tasty but also light, which is a big plus among today’s nutritionally aware consumers.

The key to exotic food is authentic flavour – and that means the right seasoning. Specialised curry blends are enjoying particular popularity. For example, our RAPS THAI 7 SPICE is especially good for seasoning Thai dishes and other spicy hot foods cooked in the wok. We can gladly advise you about all the other products we have that provide a touch of Far-Eastern magic.

Creative wok and dip sauces epitomise Asian cuisine. From the classic, essential sweet-and-sour, to fruity ginger and pineapple, all the way to hot ‘Thai Red’ – RAPS flavourings for vegetarian dishes and meat and fish foods extend into every corner of Asia.



PROD.-NO. 1000479-001

A typical Asian seasoning salt containing curry, garlic, chili extract, coriander, ginger and a touch of lemongrass.



PROD.-NO. 1691938-001

A ready-made wok sauce containing three different kinds of pepper, pink berries and real honey. Also suitable as a dip sauce.



PROD.-NO. 1000447-006

A ready-made wok sauce with a typical sweet-and-sour taste. Also suitable as a dip sauce.


Progress with RAPS

At RAPS we try to incorporate the latest trends into our product development so that you can provide your customers with the authentic flavour of dishes from faraway lands.


Asia’s diverse kitchens are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and are well-received among a growing number of vegetarians and vegans too. The secret to an authentic Asian flavour is fresh ingredients, gentle cooking in the wok, and the right seasonings and sauces from RAPS.