Sweet, fruity, spicy or aromatic: the new dessert range offers intense, varied taste experiences.


You never forget a great dessert at the end of a meal. A good dessert is a highly creative experience – and the diversity on offer is simply incredible. Nowadays, highly unusual combinations are especially popular: whether it’s curry and spice paired with sweet and fruity flavours, or exotic mixed with classic, hot or cold – customers crave variety and experimentation that defy their expectations. Time-honoured classics are also enjoying renewed popularity and being served regularly. By combining them with the outstanding ingredients from the RAPS dessert range, customers can discover a completely new side to traditional desserts.


But sweet dishes are no longer just being eaten after meals. They are increasingly popular as snacks or at breakfast. Muesli, fruit salads or, quite simply, ready-to-eat pots of yoghurt with the RAPS decorative fruit mix are a welcome alternative to classic bread and jam. The cold snacks also help customers to feel that they are eating healthily and sensibly.


DECORATIVE FRUIT MIX – product no. 1703034

DECORATIVE FRUIT MIX – product no. 1703034

A colourful, sweet and sour mix of fruit and petals to decorate and flavour desserts, cakes, fruit/exotic salads and ice cream buffets. Also ideal for snacks and breakfast – for pots of ready-to-eat yoghurt/quark with muesli and fruit.


BOURBON VANILLA SUGAR – product no. 1702952

A sweet, refined dessert ingredient with Bourbon vanilla and an intense flavour that is especially suitable for cakes, small pastries and fillings (quark/nut/nougat/fruit cremes) or to sweeten dishes such as semolina, rice pudding, Germknödel yeast dumplings, Kaiserschmarrn pancakes, apple fritters (beignets or doughnuts) and other teatime specialities.

DESSERT – CASTER SUGAR MIX – product no. 1702953

A sweet, refined dessert ingredient with vanilla extract and a light, pleasant hint of orange. The product contains starch, ensuring good surface adhesion and making it especially suitable for chocolate/marble cakes and Danish pastries. Also ideal for sprinkling on the edge of a plate or platters for buffets, doughnuts, pancakes or crêpes.


With its passion for the unique and expertise based on 95 years of experience, RAPS combines tradition with fresh ideas. This means that our customers get to savour a new and memorable culinary experience every single mealtime.


RAPS offers unique, mouth-watering ideas: the Bourbon vanilla sugar, dessert caster sugar mix and decorative fruit mix transform traditional recipes into unique culinary experiences. For desserts that indulge the mind and senses of every connoisseur.