Delicious taste and new packaging

With a wide variety of flavour profiles, MAGIC marinades are ideal for any cut of meat, be it pork, beef, chicken or lamb, as steaks or skewered. They impart a fine flavour, are easy-to- use and contain high quality raw materials. Get ready for the barbecue season and delight your customers with succulent barbecue highlights.

For many years, RAPS has used only RSPO-certified palm oil in the MAGIC range of marinades. We are now taking one step further and expanding our range by sustainable and completely palm-free MAGIC marinades.
They are available in our familiar buckets, but also in easy-to-handle 250 ml sachets.



Forgoing palm oil is a conscious step towards greater sustainability. RAPS is adhering to this growing consumer demand by offering 100% palm-free MAGIC marinades. They impart a great visual appearance, gloss and a unique flavour to all types of meat of your barbecue range.


Magic Mustard-Beer OZP - ART. 1713155

The new seasoning for marinating barbecue specialities, roasts, steaks, stir fry and convenience dishes. Perfect for frying in a pan or for barbecues.


Characteristics: Aromatic mustard flavour with medium hot mustard and Dijon mustard, wheat beer, onion, black pepper and parsley.


Magic Steakado - ART. 1000492

The well-known seasoning for marinating steaks, stir fry, roasts and convenience specialities is now available without added palm fat. Just as tasty but more sustainable.


Characteristics: Aromatic flavour with paprika, pepper, roasted onion extract, grilled meat flavouring and caraway note.



As an experienced partner of food retail and butchery trade, we now offer marinades that are more adaptable to batch sizes. This avoids half-full buckets or problems when distributing to different shops. The new packaging concept for the palm-free MAGIC marinades enables hygienic processing and optimal dosage. The smaller packaging – 250 g sachets, packed in boxes of 12 sachets each – provides more flavour variety in the meat counter.


Recipe ideas with the products can be found at the new recipe platform myRAzept.

Contact your area sales manager or bestellservice@raps.de to receive further information on all palm-free MAGIC marinades in sachets.