RAPS repositioning

RAPS has successfully implemented a clear differentiation from the competition and a sharpening of the company profile. As a representative appearance the new logo and completely reworked corporate image language represent the company, very clearly conveying the character of RAPS and, in the process, its positioning. The ingredient manufacturer shows its dynamic side with the new slogan ‘Performance Inside’, which stands for innovative power, technology and performance.

‘Performance Inside’ in all corporate divisions

The only constant is change: the dynamic developments in market activity make it necessary for companies to realign themselves from time to time. For over 95 years, RAPS GmbH & Co. KG, from Kulmbach, has represented quality, good taste, innovation and impressive raw materials expertise. In order to further consolidate its position as the leading international expert for functional ingredients, RAPS has reacted to the challenges of the ingredients market with a targeted realignment.


As a reliable solutions supplier, RAPS delivers segment- and customer-specific services at competitive prices, giving its customers an advantage over the competition. The ingredient manufacturer processes more than 1,700 raw materials from all over the world. With a total of seven production facilities in Europe and around 900 employees worldwide, RAPS produces more than 35,000 tons of a wide variety of food ingredients and additives per year. 

Top solution supplier in the technology sector

Improving technologies is an important focal point of the RAPS repositioning. The three-year investment project Zukunft RAPS (Future RAPS), with an investment volume of around 18 million euros, was started last year and includes a comprehensive modernisation of the machine systems and processes.


The Coating process, a special method for coating raw materials, is both a growth driver and a showpiece area for technological expertise from RAPS. The technology platforms offer innovative solutions in other industry sectors, too, such as trending topics like vegan meat substitutes and low-salt nutrition.

The customer takes center stage.

As a partner of modern butchery, RAPS has a long tradition of providing master butchers and delicatessen experts with innovative creations, and will continue to do so in future. In addition to this, RAPS will also focus on the food industry, because it offers particular growth potential.


As early as 2002, the ingredient manufacturer took on additional experience in the shape of its new subsidiary company: FLEDI, the flexible specialist for the development and production of paste and liquid compounds, sauces, fillings and dips, became part of the RAPS Group and has been supplying a range unmatched in the food industry ever since. RAPS benefits from the expertise of its subsidiary FLEDI in the paste-substance flavouring sector and has innovative flavour profiles ready for its customers. With the complete brand integration of FLEDI at the beginning of April, RAPS is now developing its position as one of the market leaders in the ingredients sector even further.


In addition, the strengthened international alignment leads to improved networking and communication on all levels – global trends can be recognised early and optimally implemented. 

Mastering and optimisation of the value creation chain

The requirements of the food industry continue to increase. Safety is paramount – and that goes for RAPS, too. Monitoring of each individual process along the entire value creation chain, from raw material procurement to distribution, makes the ingredient manufacturer a trustworthy and reliable partner for its customers. RAPS leaves nothing to chance, meaning it can ensure raw materials are available worldwide and provide consistent product quality. 

New innovative product lines

The demand for sustainability and ‘clean label’ products is currently growing in all areas of the food sector. With its broad spectrum of vegetarian and vegan products and applications, RAPS offers exemplary solutions at the cutting edge of food technology. The new Veggie range provides a unique source of protein. Whether it’s a veggie burger, vegan sausage or vegetarian substitute for a meat sausage – an authentic taste and great versatility are part of the product concept. 


The flavouring expert has also picked up on the trend towards low-salt nutrition and successfully implemented it. The RAPSolution SALTcontrol provides low-salt fare without negatively affecting the flavour – a delightfully well-rounded salt flavour without any flavourings that need to be declared.