RAPS demonstrates market-leading expertise and innovative power in the development of individual products and applications which make the company one of the leading international experts for functional ingredients and individual flavour concepts. With over 95 years of experience, today we represent high quality, good taste, innovation and impressive raw materials expertise. In addition, as a reliable solutions supplier, RAPS delivers segment- and customer-specific services at competitive prices, giving its customers an advantage over the competition.

Individual solution expertise

Products and applications are produced both on the initiative of RAPS and on behalf of customers, in order to be able to continually offer new, innovative solutions to the market.


In dialogue with our customers, we assist in the product development, produce customised individual products and provide turnkey complete solutions. Tailored spice mixtures, functional concepts and flavour concepts allow our customers to develop products that work on the market and sell well.


In addition to working together with customers from all over the world, we work on new concepts for the ingredients business segment ourselves, in order to be able to offer innovations to the dynamic marketplace on a regular basis. In the process, RAPS relies on its state-of-the-art technologies, such as Coating, HD Extraction and Biofrost Cold Grinding, and inspires customers from the meat and food industries, butcher’s shops, canteens and retailers in equal measure with its ideas. 

Expertise through standardised workflows

The consistently high quality of products and applications at RAPS is developed in three stages. The development process begins with predefined know-how based on the available technological platforms. This is where the basic idea for a product is worked out. In the second step, RAPS conceives a market-relevant prototype. To achieve this, we analyse the market requirements in order to develop functional concepts and flavour concepts that meet the needs of consumers. In the third and final stage, the idea is applied to the actual market situation, to ensure that a product that works and sells on the market is developed. Our end products are therefore conceived in such a way that the entire development process can be documented and tracked. This makes it possible for RAPS to consistently provide products of the highest quality.

Concentrated expertise for market-leading products

The various areas of expertise of our employees provide the foundation for our product development. Scientists, technicians, master butchers, chefs, bakers and technology experts serve the entire value creation chain with their comprehensive specialist knowledge as well dominate market trends. The focus during product development is always on the end product. This means that every employee involved in the process knows exactly how the finished product is supposed to taste and work. In this regard, basic technological understanding is as much of a prerequisite as comprehensive understanding of the customer and the market.

RAPS as a technological solution supplier

Innovative products can only be developed with the help of new technologies. With this in mind, RAPS has again and again developed special manufacturing processes to create unique products that are characterised by quality to suit specific requirements, optimal flavour and perfect functionality. 

Raps Coating

With its Coating process, RAPS possesses a technology that allows fragile and irregularly shaped products with a diameter of up to 12 mm to be custom-coated and thus protected against temperature, moisture and oxygen. End products are also more stable in terms of flavour and colour. This opens up diverse possible applications: sugars, salts, acids and other special products can be coated using the process, in order to then be used for baked goods and confectioneries, dairy products, dietary supplements, sausage products and other meats.

HD Extraction

In addition to Coating, with HD Extraction RAPS has developed a process that allows the production of natural and highly concentrated extracts of the highest quality. This means that only a small dose is required for an intense flavour. In addition, the entire spectrum of flavours contained in the natural spice is retained, allowing the production of a natural flavour that is close to the flavour profile of the original product. The extracts have countless possible applications in the food industry: they can be used in sprinkled, liquid or emulsified form for delicatessen products, baked goods, meat, milk products or frozen and convenience products.