Flavour and technology are the two pillars that today allow RAPS to develop innovative products that are close to the market. In particular, we have expertise in the production of powdered and liquid products, which makes us a leading international expert for functional ingredients and individual flavour concepts. As a reliable solution supplier, RAPS delivers segment- and customer-specific services at competitive prices, giving its customers an advantage over the competition. We process around 1,700 raw materials from all over the world. With a total of seven production facilities in Europe and around 900 employees worldwide, RAPS produces more than 35,000 tons of a wide variety of food ingredients and additives per year.


From high-quality raw materials to flavouring

Our raw materials are processed into high-quality, flavour-providing ingredients at our headquarters in Kulmbach. This is where the raw materials are weighed, ground, mixed and placed in containers.


To achieve this, RAPS makes use of state-of-the-art technologies that enable processing of the raw materials that is simultaneously gentle and effective. In the first stage, they are collected, inspected and cleaned by automated, driverless vehicles. The subsequent grinding takes place in flavour-protecting low-temperature conditions, ensuring that no flavours are lost or altered. There are 14 mixers of four different sizes and with a capacity of up to three cubic metres available for the mixing of selected raw materials. Our filling machines then place the finished mixtures in bags, tubs, cartons or containers as required. To ensure that the finished products demonstrate the high level of purity typical for RAPS products, the raw materials are not just laboriously cleaned at the outset, but also carefully checked using metal detectors during further processing.


The end products provide all the functional and flavour-providing ingredients demanded by the food industry, trades and retail, from blends of spices to mixtures for sprinkling and ingredients for food.