Extracts are becoming increasingly important in the food industry. There are reasons for this: firstly, consumers associate the term extracts with natural products, which means a positive connotation – unlike the term flavours. Secondly, extracts are especially easy to handle and are highly functional, enabling the manufacture of economical products. 


HD extraction

HD extraction

RAPS obtains its extracts using a process known as HD extraction, which produces natural, highly-concentrated extracts of the best possible quality. The only agent used to extract them is carbon dioxide (CO2) which is placed in a supercritical state and pumped through extractors at high pressure. The reduction of pressure produces extract constituents fractionated in different stages. This allows the required constituents to be extracted, along with as few other substances (such as chlorophyll) as possible.

This process always takes place under the highest possible standards of hygiene. That is why extracts can be categorised as microbiologically safe. For this reason the end product is of a high, residue-free quality. There are no solvent residues left over in RAPS extracts.



RAPS extracts: high quality with consistent intensity

Because our extracts are highly concentrated, only small amounts are needed to produce intense flavours. Concentration levels can be up to 40 times higher than in the original substance – depending on what substance it was. Furthermore the whole range of flavours that were in the natural seasoning remain intact, which means a natural flavour close to the taste profile of the original product. Because the process is standardised, the intensity of the flavour always remains the same. RAPS extracts are not subject to the fluctuations that raw seasoning tends to suffer from.


RAPS extracts can be kept for a very long time if stored correctly. Since they contain virtually no water and are extremely low in bacteria, there is hardly any loss of weight, flavour or quality. Storage space and transport costs are therefore highly economical. This makes for reliable food production and makes production processes easier. 


Numerous possibilities for use

HD extraction can be used for almost any kind of dried spice or herb that contains active substances. These include cloves, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and mace. The extracts obtained can then be used in countless ways in the food industry. For instance: they can be used in powder, liquid and emulsified form for delicatessen products, baked goods, meat, milk, frozen foods and convenience products. 

Competence through experience

RAPS has a lot expertise when it comes to refining and mixing extracts, which means it can offer a broad standard range suited to customer needs and can also produce customised extracts.


Our work is based on more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of extracts. RAPS experts from research, product development and production have tested numerous different manufacturing processes and procedures, which has enabled them to gather a wide range of knowledge on the subject. We continue to build on this expertise daily; our research department is constantly testing new raw materials using an upscalable pilot plant. This allows RAPS to develop customised products under ideal conditions.