Barbeque specialities from near and far

The Germans love to grill and barbeque. Their classics remain bratwurst and pork steaks but lighter food is also trending on grills, where vegetables, fish and cheese are being marinated and cooked. There’s a growing appetite for new barbeque ideas involving surprising flavour combinations. Our marinades and special seasonings make it very easy to get the variation you’re looking for on your grill at home.


Oriental – as in ‘Thousand And One Nights’ – Mediterranean, exotically fruity: RAPS Magic Marinades, from Oriental to Inferno, provide authentic taste experiences from faraway lands and their special herbs and coatings of seasonings ensure that food looks beautiful and consistent with an appetising sheen. And, our products really come into their own at the moment they need to – when heated up.


PROD.-NO. 1694591-001/003

Spicy, oriental oil marinade with garlic, caraway, onion, fennel and a touch of chili. Suitable for all kinds of barbeque specialities, especially ones involving beef, lamb and poultry. Also suitable for seasoning vegetable and fried dishes.



PROD.-NO. 1695343-001/002

Fruity, sweet-and-sour oil marinade for barbeque specialities containing beef, pork, poultry, lamb and fish as well as vegetable and fried dishes. Contains mango pieces, chili and pepper.



PROD.-NO. 1000533-007

Spicy, aromatic seasoning mix for bratwurst containing paprika, onion, chili and marjoram. Provides a typically hot and spicy flavour.


Progress with RAPS

At RAPS we’re always looking for new sources of inspiration at home and abroad. That’s why we can always furnish you with the latest trends and innovative products that help you keep your customers coming back for more.


The forthcoming barbeque season offers an ideal opportunity to enrich your own product range with inspiration from around the world. Diverse marinades and seasonings from RAPS give world foods their special flavour.