When spring begins to arrive, customers want to see light and healthy food on their plates. We can show you some ideas that will bring freshness and variety to what you have on offer. 


New ideas made easy

New ideas made easy

Hearty home cooking warms the soul in winter but the first rays of sunshine place new demands on cooks and kitchens: what is then needed are light, fresh and healthy products that conjure up spring on a plate. Fish, poultry or white meat – balanced nutrition is what is called for. That’s why it’s now time to switch the butchery kitchen and convenience counter over to spring freshness.

Customers are especially keen on light meals involving fresh herbs, puff pastry recipes and vegetables. Different salads should also be included. But what is always essential is the best possible quality and visual variety. We’ve put together some ideas that will let your customers taste the coming spring.



Spring classic: ham and asparagus

Ham and asparagus is a spring classic that’s a regular feature of German meal tables when the first warm, Mediterranean air blows in. We can help you serve your customers the spring they’re longing for. Benefit from our boiled ham expertise and use our JAMBO LAK LIQUID PRO in conjunction with MEDITERRANEAN GOURMET SEASONING to deliver the ham customers love: fresh, light and juicy. Your customers expect flavoursome ham with a Mediterranean touch to go with their fresh asparagus.


We’ve got lots of other solutions for connoisseurs who wish to enrich their spring-fresh dishes with other ideas like dips, marinades and seasoning mixtures.



Get in touch and bring spring to your customers’ tables. 

Progress with Raps

As an experienced partner to the food industry and food artisans we can supply you with the latest trends so that you can serve to your customers that which they love: fresh ideas that bring culinary satisfaction. 



Spring means light, healthy food on your customers’ plates. Take advantage of our range of products for meats, sauces and dips to help you serve up freshness and variety.