As colourful as autumn – MARIFIX sauces for dishes which warm body and soul

HEARTY DISHES: Tasty ideas for autumn

HEARTY DISHES: Tasty ideas for autumn

The change of seasons also alters the eating preferences. The light summer cuisine is followed by more substantial food, pan-fried dishes as well as seasonal food such as pumpkins. RAPS supports you with a wide range of products for a varied and seasonal selection of dishes in your counter, bistro or catering. MARIFIX products contain all the vegetables you need, saving you preparation time. The vegetables are already contained in the sauce! There is a wide range of MARIFIX products with which you can prepare ragouts, steaks, stir fry or chicken breast variations in a flash! MARIFIX STROGANOFF and MARIFIX FIG-MUSTARD are the perfect products for autumn and winter. Memories of the past summer holidays can be re-awakened by MARIFIX TOSCANE. By the way: MARIFIX sauces can be used for marinating beef, pork, veal, lamb and poultry. They are also suitable as a base for savory-piquant sauces.



ART. 1000564

Seasoned sauce for marinating with vegetable pieces for mediterranean stir-fry dishes of all kinds. With tomate, peppers, zucchini, onions, olives and red wine.



ART. 1708230

Seasoned sauce for marinating stir fry and other meat specialities. Contains spicy coarse mustard, fig pieces and a fig flavour.


Progress with RAPS

95 years of experience for success: RAPS is innovator, trendsetter and pioneer for marinades and seasoning blends. Stir fry, ragouts and seasonal classics such as pumpkins are on demand in autumn.


The wide range of MARIFIX sauces enables quick and easy preparation of dishes for a varied selection in your counter, bistro or catering.