Hot Dogs are popular amongst young and old alike and can be altered creatively


Hot Dog, the famous snack of the Scandinavians (a Danish invention) is one of the first snacks which was offered in food stands. The grilled or cooked sausages were sold from a “pølsevogn”, a sausage trolley, in the Scandinavian countries for more than 80 years.

The classic Vienna sausage is a timeless classic amongst hot snacks anyway. RAPS can support you with a wide product range for production of Viennas and provides many creative ideas for Hot Dog creations. Add value to your snack menu with street food à la Scandinavia.

For authentic Danish Hot Dogs for example, you serve the sausages in a soft bun with mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, onions and gherkin slices. Typical Scandinavian is also the “Köttbullar” snack: Simply replace the Vienna sausage in the bun by meat balls – finished! Even more Nordic is fish. RAPS offers recipe ideas such as Hot Dog with salmon for even more variety in your snack menu. Find out for yourself!


Sandwich Spread Shallot

ART. 1696989

Sweet-piquant flavour with roasted shallots and bell pepper. Creamy orange colour with shallot pieces.


Golden Vienna

ART. 1000271

Powder form seasoning blend for production of Frankfurters with a pepper, nutmeg and paprika flavour profile.


Progress with RAPS

Already in 1847 the butcher Johann Georg Hehner from Frankfurt am Main/Germany placed a Vienna sausage into a bread roll. Today the Hot Dog is the national dish of the Scandinavian countries – in thousands of variations.


Let our ideas for fancy Hot Dogs inspire you or realize your own ideas! There are endless possibilities!