RAPS marinades and seasoning mixes for game ensure an authentic taste experience and an appealing appearance


Venison, wild boar, duck – the Germans love game. That’s why during the colder months of the year, when most game is in season, they serve roasts, goulashes and ragouts. Game is not only delicious, but also contains less fat than pork and is an important source of iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Game also fulfils customers’ desire for regional fare. That’s why the RAPS recipe database provides a wealth of recipes that will get every game lover’s taste buds tingling.


When it comes to GAME, RAPS boasts particularly strong expertise: with sauces, raw herbs and spices, marinades and seasoning mixes, RAPS has the perfect ideas for a whole host of game dishes. We offer a selection of special game marinades that accentuate the characterful flavour of game dishes and give them a highly appealing appearance. With oil, water and emulsion-based marinades, you’ll be sure to find the perfect product for any application – whether it’s for pan-frying, roasts or other specialities.


Maripur game – product no. 1000462

This marinade with juniper berries and bay leaves is especially designed for game and provides the ideal base for classic game specialities.


Marinox Hubertus – product no. 1000666

This marinade with a natural hint of wild mushrooms is highly recommended for ragouts and roasts as well as pork and wild boar specialities.


Game seasoning – product no. 1000590

One of the top RAPS seasonings. Perfect for all roast and pan-fried game dishes.



Success driven by 95 years’ experience: RAPS is an innovator, trendsetter and trailblazer in the field of marinades and seasoning mixes. Our expertise and passion allow us to produce contemporary, market-relevant products that harmoniously combine flavour and function.


The RAPS game product line ensures an authentic taste experience that indulges customers’ hearts and palates. The large selection of exquisite ideas from RAPS makes a feast out of every game dish.