International bratwurst provides diversity of flavour in a familiar form



Around 90% of Germans like to barbecue bratwurst. At the same time, consumers are happier than ever to experiment with flavour and want to try new things. This desire is easy to fulfil with speciality bratwurst that has an international touch. For example, the spicy chorizo sausage brings Spanish flair to the plate. Often served cold as tapas, it is also a culinary delight when warm and first releases its full aroma when barbecued or fried. The fiery speciality impresses gourmets with strong colour and aromatic flavour and adds a Spanish note to dishes such as potato skewers on the barbecue or corn flatbreads with rocket and grilled vegetables.


You can skilfully present the international sausage creations with the right accompaniments. For example, the Bratwurst Italia with Mediterranean seasoning can be used for an unusual interpretation of the popular sausage sandwich: in a crunchy Panini, served with gorgonzola and pear. The French bratwurst, with a fine lemon note, also provides a special taste experience in combination with shallots stewed in red wine. You can find these and other inspiring bratwurst recipes from all over the world in our recipe database.

Chorizo Seasoning

ART. 1705362-001

A special sausage seasoning with a Spanish touch for meat products of all kinds.


Bratwurst F+F with Lemon

ART. 1000510-005

Seasoning for sprinkling on fine bratwurst sausages with ascorbic acid, containing pepper, nutmeg, ginger, coriander and lemon.



Progress with RAPS

Use flavours typical of different countries as inspiration for exciting bratwurst creations and surprise your customers with new combinations of innovation and tradition.


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